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By Bob Owens

Jenn Jacques, the newest editor at Bearing Arms.

Jenn Jacques, the newest editor at Bearing Arms.

Jenn Jacques has been a freelancer contributing to Bearing Arms for almost a year. We’ve been so impressed with her that we’ve decided to bring her on full-time!

Gun rights advocate and journalist Jenn Jacques joined the Townhall Media family of web properties this week as a new editor for, a Second Amendment news site with over two million readers.

“Jenn Jacques is a refreshing voice for the gun rights movement,” said Bearing Arms editor Bob Owens. “As a longtime hunter, a mother, and a recent concealed carrier, she shares the experiences of so many new gun owners in the United States. She is a great asset for Bearing Arms and will help us take our site to the next level.”

A native of rural Northern Wisconsin, Jenn was raised in an NRA-supporting household. As her father taught her firearm safety early on, she now teaches her children in the same respectful manner. Married with three children, Jenn currently owns AIM Hunting and has experience as a former private detective. In addition to her work on as a Second Amendment writer, she works as an advocate of concealed carry and is active …Read the Rest

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