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By Tom Knighton

The shooting in Toronto over the weekend has been illuminating for a number of reasons. Not only have we seen how almost every provision currently being discussed won’t stop mass shootings, but we’ve seen that no matter what laws are on the books, anti-gunners will continue to push for more in the wake of these attacks.

The kicker is that it now appears the gun may have been illegal in the first place.

A criminal defence lawyer says Toronto’s proposed handgun ban isn’t likely to keep illegal firearms out of the hands of criminals.

On Sunday, 29-year-old [killer] opened fire with a handgun on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue, killing two people and injuring 13.

A confidential police source told CBC News the firearm has been traced to the United States, and that [he] may have taken it from his comatose brother, who has alleged ties with a street gang.

Now, I won’t get into guns from the U.S. going into Canada. For one thing, I think the numbers are probably overstated. Canadian criminals can steal guns from Canadian homes as easily, if not more so, than getting them from the U.S.

Further, it’s already illegal for Canadians to …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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