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By John Farnam

christians vs muslims


christians vs muslims

Ft Collins, CO –-( “To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them” ~ George Mason

Toronto, 22 July 18 (Sunday), deadly van attack upon innocent Canadian citizens by a single Islamic terrorist.

At least ten fatalities. Twice that number injured. Terrorist deliberately directed his deadly rage at women.

While the liberal Canadian and American media are unconvincingly insisting there is “no evidence to support ISIS’ claim of responsibility” (because such a connection will violate their liberal agenda), most of the rest of us are unpersuaded of ISIS’ innocence!

Suspect (now deceased) suffered from “long-term mental illness,” (apparently never treated) according to his parents, who are first-generation immigrants from Pakistan.

As noted above, this is not a story the media likes, so they are doing their best to pretend it never happened!

Here is part of this story that has escaped even what meager coverage there has been:

The attack took place in Toronto’s famous, and well known, “Greektown.” Most victims were Greek Orthodox Christians.

Orthodox Greek Christians dared to revolt, successfully in 1821, against cruel, barbaric Islamic rulers of the decaying Ottoman Empire. Since, Muslims have availed themselves, in recurring massacres, of every …Read the Rest

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