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By Tom Knighton

I’m not in a particularly good mood.

You see, as a veteran, I tend to recognize that most of my brother and sister vets–both peacetime and wartime vets–are pro-gun. I’ve rarely ever met a combat arms vet who was anti-gun, in particular. Those few who are have a profound tendency to be POGs (people other than grunts) who spend their butts in the rear with the gear, so to speak.

That’s not to say POGs are anti-gunner by and large. They’re mostly pro-gun too, from my experience.

It seems that some of our former leadership is not just anti-gun, though, but also blindingly stupid. And it pisses me off.

More than a dozen retired top military commanders, leaders and advisers, whose careers spanned both Republican and Democratic administrations, are throwing their weight behind a bill in the House and Senate that would require universal background checks for all U.S. gun sales.

In a letter Thursday, 13 former top military advisers and combat leaders urged congressional leaders in both parties to pass the bill, known in the House as HR 8, which targets private gun sales that don’t require background checks under current federal law.

“A prohibited person with dangerous intent can easily buy …Read the Rest

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