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By Fred Mastison

precision bolt rifles

The struggle is real. Walking the 13 acres of guns and gear at SHOT each year can be overwhelming. Without a focus and purpose, you can easily lose an entire day or more just wandering and looking. With a trained focus, I plan out my visit and make a list of what I am interested in seeing.


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And at the top of that list each year are new precision rifles. Not just the new and shiny rifles with fresh paint and “super wizard” rifling or gadgets, but hardcore guns designed to stack rounds on top of each other. Colonel Townsend Whelen once said, “Only accurate rifles are interesting.” So here’s what I found interesting in 2018!

Bergara Premier HMR Pro

Bergara has made its fair share of great guns over the years. Moreover, the company built the HMR (Hunting and Match Rifle) to handle a number of tasks, and the new Pro version is an enhanced model with a stainless steel barrel, fluted bolt and action. It also has a very nice trigger that can be adjustable down to less than 2 pounds. The action is designed as a …Read the Rest

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