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By Bob Owens

Sootch00 makes a pretty good argument for the top five essentials you need for a fighting rifle.

  1. 1,000 rounds of ammunition (bare minimum, more is always better).
  2. A least 6 quality spare magazines (plus one in the gun).
  3. A quality sling. [A simple two-point G.I. web sling, rigged and used properly, is an accuracy enhancer. -ed.]
  4. Optics. The military has good almost completely to optics because they dramatically increase your hit probability.
  5. back-up irons sights (BUIS).

I’d argue that Sootch made one critical mistake of omission by including a weapon-mounted light (WML) as just a “nice to have,” especially as we’re more likely to use a fighting carbine indoors in a home invasion than on a battlefield or in a zombie outbreak.

I have taken three classes this year with low-light components (including nighttime indoor and outdoor simulators) and consider a good light the single most important accessory after your first magazine and the ammunition to fill it.

You must be able to identify your target and assess the threat. Period.

No one wants to shoot a family member who got up to get a drink of water in the middle of the night, nor the neighbor lady who had several too many …Read the Rest

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