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By Patriot Outdoor News

Deer season is only a few long months away. Visions of aspen-crowned sage slopes, frost-covered oak leaves on the forest floor, and long antler tines floating above the CRP haunt and inspire you. Perhaps a shot went astray last fall because of worn or ill-fitting equipment, and you need the confidence that a new, quality rifle would bring; perhaps you want more reach, more distance than your trusty old .30-30 lever-action offers; perhaps old uncle Waldo crossed the great divide and left you with money enough for the deer rifle you’ve always wanted. Heck, you don’t need an excuse—no one can have too many good deer rifles.

Outstanding rifles are plentiful on the market, and if you’re the avid deer hunter we think you are, you’re probably familiar with most of them. This list of top options showcases freshly introduced models; a few of brand-new design and a gaggle of variations on proven existing models.

There are precision bolt-actions with extended reach; there’s a brush-country thumper or two; and there are several almost-affordable custom-quality rifles that offer better-than-average accuracy at a price comparable to what a new Remington 700 cost in the ’70s. So shrug off the melancholy, wave the pre-season blues …read more

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