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By Guns ‘n’ Freedom

gun ban new jersey

We see the media post all kinds of headlines to try to distort the truth. But these are some headlines you will never read anywhere. Why? Because the stuff below simply doesn’t happen, even though gun control activists tell us they do.

Hope you get a kick out of it as much as I did. These aren’t in any particular order by the way.

10 Gun Related Headlines You Will Never See Anywhere (except here of course)

#1 Crime Rate Drops 80% After Complete Gun Ban Hits New Jersey

Even though gun control advocates like to temper their language with phrases like “no one is trying to take away your guns” all of the new gun laws they want to push do just that. But crime rates do not plummet in places where guns are outlawed, because it’s the outlaws using the guns to commit crimes. Gun bans just make safer work environments for these thugs.

#2 Criminals Across the Country Start Turning in Their Guns After Obama Speech

obama speech makes crooks turn in guns

Well we all know this isn’t going to happen. …Read the Rest

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