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By Kyle Lamb


During training courses, I’m always amazed to see some of the gear that is and isn’t available to the individual who decides to carry a gun at night. We each have our favorites, but what befuddles us is what isn’t coming from tactical light companies.

In reality, we should all be ready to engage threats at night. That’s obviously not an earth-­shattering statement, but here I am writing about it after seeing what happens when the lights go out.

Rules of Light

Let’s start with the basics. First, we should all agree that we need to have a light on our person at all times. We must also have a light that will work for shooting if the need arises. To shoot fast and accurately without worrying about having a light handy requires us to have one attached to our firearm. With these truths understood, we need to define what an acceptable light is. No, the light on your smartphone doesn’t qualify. Though many of us use a phone’s light to search or navigate a dark space on occassion, it’s a no-­go for shooting.

<img src="" alt="The addition of a small piece of bungee makes any handheld flashlight ready for action and more versatile." …Read the Rest

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