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By John Farnam

Free Speech Freedom


Tolerating the Painful Ignorance of a Free Press

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Who succumbs to a compulsion to violate moral commandments is as much a prisoner as one who believes he is bound to obey them.” ~ Barnes

A Washington Post Article on the recent Oklahoma shooting, in which an sociopathic active-murderer was shot and killed by a legally armed citizen(s) before he could murder more innocent people:

This “story” is little more than a leftist (of course), political editorial, implicitly anti-gun and anti-legally-armed-citizen, beginning to end.

The authors “equate” a sociopathic, active murderer with two lawfully-armed citizens, heroes, who intervened (at great personal risk) in order to prevent additional murders. WP authors obviously believe that anyone who owns a gun, or (Heaven forbid!) carries one, is automatically a criminal.

The authors contemptuously dismiss accolades heaped upon these two courageous, lawfully-armed citizens, by local law enforcement and the general public.

The authors insist that these two lawfully-armed citizens should never have taken any action, because the scene was “confusing and unclear.” It makes me wonder how many “clear and non-confusing” gunfights these arrogant Marxists have ever seen.

Naturally, the authors denigrate the NRA (a requirement of the liberal media), casually …Read the Rest

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