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By Jenn Jacques

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Oh dear, Sam J. over at Twitchy stumbled upon another peaceful, tolerant, enlightened liberal who just wants to change the law:

Give peace a chance.

If only arson were legal, the Free Beacon offices would be my first stop, right after Roger Aile’s house and the NRA headquarters.

— Shoq (@Shoq) July 1, 2016

Unless you are a gun owner then DIE YOU BIG BAD MEANIE HEADS!

BREAKING: Leftist lunatic advocates burning buildings and murdering people.

— Countermoonbat (@CounterMoonbat) July 1, 2016

No group is more tolerant than the Left.
And these yahoos wonder why we refuse to give up our guns.
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Not sure a safe space would actually help this particular Leftist but ya’ never know.
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All day this.
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