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By Jordan Stein

Gun Owners of America is Proud to Endorse Elaine Davis for TN House of Representatives
Dear friend,
Tennessee’s House District 18 race is critical to Volunteer gun owners.
Gun Owners of America took a close look at the race and quickly realized there is only one option that meets GOA’s “No Compromise” mission.
We are proud to announce our endorsement of candidate Elaine Davis. Elaine answered the call to provide constituents with the most pro-2A representation the District has had in years!
Elaine Davis is aware of the need to amend Tennessee’s law, removing the confusing Jim Crow language that currently creates the need for all of our permitless and permit carry laws. She has invited input from Second Amendment organizations, such as GOA and the Tennessee Firearms Association, on what changes are necessary to protect our inalienable right to keep and bear arms.
“Tennessee recently passed a law that allows most individuals to carry a firearm without a permit. Some have expressed concerns that the law needs to be improved. There is also some confusion about Tennessee’s intent to go armed that should be clarified. I would like to hear details from gun rights advocates on how Tennessee can be better.” ~ Elaine Davis, Candidate District

Source: Gun Owners of America

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