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By Sara Tipton

Alpine, Wyoming - My new home

I just put my house on the market. I am officially moving out of California. I will soon be a Wyomingite. This is a bittersweet move; I’m leaving many good friends that I love and respect behind. People who share my love of firearms and cherish their gun rights. But I’m not abandoning them. My attempts to help the residents of California gain more rights and freedom won’t cease once I move . . .

I will still donate to California Rifle and Pistol Association, the gun rights group on the front lines against the fascist politicians and crazy liberals demanding more and more of residents’ firearms freedom. I will still write about my experiences in California, shedding light on what the Golden State has done to its gun owners. Knowledge is power, right? Speaking of which, let’s do the math . . .

My family will be saving over $600 a month in taxes. That’s an enormous expense in an expensive state. When it comes to guns, California dings you every way you turn. For starters, here’s a rundown (from the state website) of what you have to pay the state to purchase a firearm in California:

The total …read more

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