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By Chris Eger

Pretty, right? We have the 411 on how to keep it that way, below (Photo: Chris Eger/
With many investing substantially in lead and brass these days, we are here to answer your questions about safe and reliable ammunition storage.
Where Should You Store Ammunition?
As explained by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers’ Institute, the firearms industry group that standardizes cartridge loading specs, ammo should be stored in a “cool, dry location away from solvents, heat sources, or open flames.”
SAAMI recommends that ammunition should be stored in its original packaging or in packaging designed specifically for that purpose. This helps avoid confusion on just what caliber, load, and vintage the ammo is at a glance. Sure, factory headstamps can be deciphered and should be verified before you load a firearm or magazine, but keeping rounds in their original boxes helps keep you ahead of the curve.
Speaking of safety, it is generally advised to keep ammunition stored separately, and securely, from firearms that are not in use. This can help avoid unauthorized access to loaded firearms.
A good way I like to keep my ammunition cool and dry is in GI-style ammo cans. These can be bought surplus at a variety of places including


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