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By James England

That’s Brandon’s friend Shaun in the photo above. We’re just making him temporarily famous. Soak it in, Shaun!

Let’s break this down into two different sections: recommendations based upon carry style AND tips for carrying while traveling about on a motorcycle.

Pocket Carrying? Pocket Holster It.

If you’re going to carry in your leather jacket or vest, make sure the trigger guard is protected with a pocket holster. It’s not a big thing but if you do end up having to shove your hand in there to dig out your trusty everyday carry, it’s just one more guarantee your finger just jam into the trigger well unintentionally.

  • PROS: Easily accessible and convenient.
  • CONS: Usually limited to sub-compacts.

Shoulder Holster Carry

Shoulder holsters are certainly a good idea in terms of keeping a pistol clear and above the waistline. Not everyone can carry a handgun conveniently in the waistline while riding. For others, there’s serious concerns about the handgun slipping out while going over especially bumpy roads. Shoulder holster definitely makes sense for these cases.

Shoulder holsters that flag the vehicle behind you are not necessary. It’s quite possible to get a shoulder holster that keeps the firearm canted relatively perpendicular …Read the Rest

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