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By Chris Eger

Small enough to fit into the “fifth pocket” of a pair of jeans, the modern mini-revolver has been around in one form or another for 50 years. (Photo: Chris Eger/
The father of some of the largest revolvers on earth also gave birth to a company that today makes some of the smallest wheel guns on the planet.
Formed originally in Salt Lake City around 1971 as the Rocky Mountain Arms Corp, the company that today is North American Arms was founded by a fella named Richard J. Casull, best just known as Dick Casull. As in the father of the big ole thumping .454 Casull cartridge.
A gunsmith gifted with both exceptional intellectual ability and creative productivity, Casull was the holder of more than 20 patents including several filed in the 70s for small, single-action revolvers with a floating firing pin and an improved cylinder lock system.
How They Work
These small mini-revolvers were simple, using a 5-round removable cylinder that was held in place by a central knurled cylinder pin. While reloading was slow, requiring the pin and cylinder to be removed from the frame, it is easily accomplished.
The mini-revolver only contains about 19 parts when you count all the internals. A basic


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