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By Kristin Alberts

When most folks think of youth rifles, what often comes to mind are the majority of compact or bantam models that are essentially adult rifles with shortened stocks and barrels. As the legal ages for young hunters continue to drop in many states, responsible parents are opting to teach their kids gun safety and marksmanship from earlier ages.
If the goal is to make youngsters feel comfortable, confident, and hooked on hunting and target shooting, start pint-sized shooters with one of these three single-shot .22 caliber rifles — tiny framed rimfires built from the ground up for your mini-me.
Keystone Crickett
Keystone Sporting Arms is one of the leading producers of firearms for beginning shooters. All Keystone Sporting Arms are made in the USA. Though they produce other models, it is their baby Crickett bolt-action, marketed as “My First Rifle” that has gotten many youngsters addicted to safe shooting. The Crickett is available in dozens of synthetic colors, hydro dipped patterns, both laminate, and thumbhole stocks, as well as options in either blued or stainless metalwork.
The Crickett is manually cocked using the mechanism at the rear of the bolt, meaning the shooter must pull the lever rearward to cock. The rifle has


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