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By Doug Gilmer

Norma 22 Long Rifle Subsonic 40Gr Lead HP

by Doug Gilmer
The remarkable .22 Long Rifle round.

.22LR Long Rifle Ammunition
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Norma 22 Long Rifle Subsonic 40Gr Lead HP :

Recoil is practically nonexistent. Whether shooting rifles or handguns, 22 rimfire are easy on the user making it a perfect choice for introducing new people to the shooting sports. Coupled with the lower report when the rounds are fired, 22s are unlikely to induce a flinch.

In fact, for shooters who have a flinch, the 22 can be used to cure it.

Whether shooting paper targets, silhouettes, spinners, novelty targets, tins cans or plastic bottles (making sure to clean up your mess when you are done) or pursuing trophy squirrels, the lowly 22 can provide hours of fun and shooting enjoyment. It certainly does not deserve to be left in the safe.

The next time you go to the range, dust off your old .22 long rifle firearm and bring it along. Sharpen your skills, teach someone new to shoot, or just have fun.

Note: I did not forget the 22 WMR or 22 Magnum. This versatile rimfire cartridge deserves an article all its own. Stay tuned.

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