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By Nick Leghorn


The folks over at Tikka have been making amazing bolt action rifles for over a century now. Their manufacturing prowess has only improved over the years, but their price tag has generally remained out of the reach of the average shooter. Launching this year Tikka is producing a line of rifles called the T3X to address that specific issue, improving on their existing line while reducing the overall cost of the gun. That’s a one-two punch that should give the likes of Weatherby and Remington a run for their money, especially at an MSRP of roughly $600 . . .

In a “have it your way” kind of style, the T3X is available (RIGHT NOW!) in a number of different flavors. Whether you want a threaded barrel or a set of iron sights, the gun can be purchased in whatever configuration suits you best. While that’s all well and good the real interesting thing is all the little design changes that have gone to improve the gun.

Starting at the top, the Picatinny rail mount interface has been modified to better suit the heavier scopes available these days. Added screw holes and improved recoil lugs make sure that the …Read the Rest

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