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By Robert Farago


I’m heading to Beantown for a couple of days, then on the UK to watch my eldest daughter graduate from college. I’ll be disarmed throughout. I’m not happy about it. I consider a gun my best defense against a violent attack. If the excrement hits the rotating air circulation device while I’m away from my beloved Lone Star State, I’ll do what I can to protect myself, my girlfriend, my children, yes even my first ex-wife. But I’m no ninja. And the UK’s violent crime rate, the recent Tunisian terrorist attack and a general awareness of criminality fills me with no-firearm failure foreboding. And for what? Why does MA and the UK see fit to deny me my natural right to self-defense? Here are three reasons . . .


1. For my own safety

By making it impossible for me to carry a gun, the government makes it harder for criminals to get or carry guns, making it less likely criminals will use a gun on me. I know what you’re thinking: A) that’s ridiculous and B) since when?

Yes, it is ridiculous. Criminals being criminals, they’ll sidestep, end-run, ignore or break any and all laws attempting to deny them a firearm. This …read more

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