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By Brandon Curtis

By Robert Farago via The Truth About Guns

I occasionally carry a Smith & Wesson 686 revolver (not shown) loaded with 135 gr. Hornady Critical Duty .357 Magnum cartridges. The Smith’s a heavy old thing that delivers a significant punch. And it looks so good. In fact, I reckon a 686 with a 4″ barrel is the quintessential handgun. But there are good reasons not to carry a 686 or any other revolver . . .

1. Revolvers don’t hold enough rounds

Perceived wisdom says most gunfights are a three-fer: three yards, three seconds, three rounds. If that held true for every defensive gun use, a five-shot snub-nosed revolver would be perfectly adequate for armed self-defense. In fact, you’d end up with two extra rounds!

Well, there’s no trustworthy data supporting the 3/3/3 assertion. And even if we accept this ballistic shibboleth, are you ready to bet your life that your gunfight will be like “most” gunfights? ‘Cause most revolvers hold six rounds. Given the chances of missing and/or encountering multiple attackers, that’s not a lot of ammo.

A proper semi-automatic handgun carries at least 12 rounds. What do I mean by proper semi-automatic handgun? A semi-automatic handgun that carries at least 12 …Read the Rest

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