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By Tom Knighton

Remember when President Obama tried to claim the blood being spilled in Mexico was the result of lax American gun laws? Not only did he completely ignore his own administration’s role in guns going south of the border, but it pretends that Mexican drug cartels don’t have access to guns the ordinary American citizen can’t get.

Things like miniguns.

Charged with a litany of gun violations to include possessing and transferring unregistered machine guns and unlawfully exporting firearms to Mexico were Tyler Carlson, 28, of Austin; Michael Fox, 69 of Georgetown; and Tracy Garwood, 62, of Scottsdale.

According to court documents, in June 2016, Customs agents inspecting a vehicle crossing into Mexico at Anzalduas, Texas, recovered 15 AK-47 style rifles, four handguns, 4,000 rounds of ammunition and the power supply and feed chute for a Garwood M-134G Minigun. This triggered an investigation by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and Homeland Security Investigations that ultimately labeled Carlson as the go-between who worked to smuggle as many as 200 guns across the border to Mexico without a license going back to 2014, paid for in over $270,000 in postal money orders.

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Source:: Bearing Arms

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