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By Tred Law

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Three Great Pro-Gun Resolutions for Your Town Council To Copy

USA – -( With radical gun banners unable to move the anti-gun ball at the Federal level many have now turned their efforts to local small-town councils to promote their hatred of the Second Amendment by demanding local politicians “do something”.

Since most states have preemption laws that prevent towns from enacting their own patchwork quilt of gun control town councils are left with the one option of passing non-binding resolutions. While these resolutions have no effect of law and are just a declaration of the current board there is no reason they should be anti-gun or anti-second amendment, which only has the effect of normalizing the demands for more anti-freedom laws.

Three Great Pro-Gun Resolutions

Here are three examples of pro-gun resolutions you should modify or edit for your state/county or town situation, and bring to your local council ahead of the anti-gun haters. Get the jump on them and demand they pass something positive that respects the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

State Republican Executive Committee of Texas’ Resolution

WHEREAS the individual right to keep and bear arms is fundamental to the fabric and preservation of a free republic; and,

WHEREAS our nation …Read the Rest

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