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By Jenn Jacques

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A gut-wrenching Facebook Live video captured the moments after a police officer shot a man legally carrying a handgun in Minnesota last night. Lavish Reynolds began streaming live just seconds after her boyfriend, 32-year-old Philando Castile, was shot during a routine traffic stop in the quiet suburb of Falcon Heights shortly after 9 p.m. Wednesday night.

As the video starts just moments after the shooting, Reynolds’ first words are commanding Castile to, “Stay with me!”

Reynolds remained calm and continued to comply with the officer’s orders, referring to him as ‘sir’ and describing the events that had just transpired.

“Ma’am, keep your hands where they are,” he shouted at Reynolds. “I told him not to reach for it! I told him to get his hands up.”

“You told him to get his ID, sir, his driver’s license,” Reynolds responded. “Oh my God. Please don’t tell me he’s dead. Please don’t tell me my boyfriend just went like that.”

The video shows Castile slumped over in the driver’s seat (the video is flipped horizontally when posted on social media) as Reynolds and her 4-year-old daughter remained in the vehicle until complying with backup officer’s commands to come out with her hands up.

[WARNING] Graphic video:

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