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By Johannes Paulsen

The worst thing about a society that compels its citizenry to be disarmed by law is not the fact that it allows the strong criminal element to prey more easily on the weak. That’s obviously a factor, but it’s something out there and obvious. What I find to be more troublesome is the insidious effect it has on the people as a whole. I suspect that a people used to being disarmed will start viewing themselves as less in control of their environment, being less willing to take responsibility for their own safety . . .

That isn’t something I can quantify. Yet. But stories like the one reported by NBC New York on Sunday. Some guys were walking around on Staten Island with paintball guns. The result? Well, let’s go to the video tape…

Photos of people with guns at a Staten Island parking lot led to a massive law enforcement reaction Friday evening and huge traffic backups during the commuter rush. Police gave the all clear just after 6:30 p.m., saying that the guns in question were believed to be paintball guns, not semi-automatic rifles, as originally thought.

The security scare led to police checkpoints and vehicle searches …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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