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By Robert Farago

Australian homemade shotgun (courtesy

“HIGH-powered [I say, I say, HIGH-powered] homemade shotguns being traded on the black market for just a few hundred dollars are the new weapons of choice for drug dealers in Melbourne,” reports. “Police are raising the alarm over the new wave of backyard weapons, which can fire real 12-gauge shotgun cartridges and are easy to conceal.” Wait. People can MAKE shotguns? Since when? Since ever? Well, um, how does that square with Australian gun control laws? They’re illegal, obviously. But if bad guys can MAKE shotguns there’s no real point in banning them for law-abiding citizens, is there? Let’s take a closer look . . .

Since February more than 20 of the shotguns have been seized in the western suburbs during a series of related operations.

Some were double-barrelled, and one had a light welded to it to illuminate a target. Most have been found in cars, in drug raids on homes, and even being carried by people on the streets.

The guns have the same firepower as conventional shotguns.

Superintendent Stuart Bateson said the guns were a concern although none had yet been discharged in the act of a crime.

“These weapons are volatile and unpredictable,” he said.

“They are …read more

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