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By Bob Owens


Citizens in the reliably left-leaning North Carolina city of Asheville are having a fit because a police officer stepped out of his car with an AR-15 held at the low ready to confront three teenagers. Guess what? I’m pretty sure that in the context of the situation, he made the right decision.

A video posted to Facebook of an Asheville Police officer holding an assault rifle in front of three teenagers is going viral.

More than 24,000 people have viewed the video, which shows Officer Shalin Oza holding an assault rifle with two other officers beside him talking to teenagers on a sidewalk in Montford.

Some people on Facebook have commented that the display of an assault rifle was an inappropriate response, with one commenter writing it was “unacceptable and not welcome in our community.”

Asheville Police Department’s Patrol Division Commander, Capt. Mark Byrd, said, given the circumstances, the officers’ actions were appropriate.

“Our focus always is public safety,” Byrd said. “We respond to situations with public safety in mind. We want to protect the safety of everyone in the community — it’s our job, it’s what we’re tasked with.”

Police said a woman called 911 about 3 p.m. Monday …Read the Rest

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