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By Bob Owens

team wendy

If you’re the management of a company that works in a competitive manufacturing niche, it’s a stupid move to anger your client base by insulting them, even if that insult was unintentional. Once you’ve angered your clients, it’s then incredibly stupid to then minimize the feelings of your offended clients.

In less than 24 hours, Team Wendy, best known for manufacturing ballistic and helmets for military and law enforcement customers, and non-ballistic helmets search & rescue teams, has managed to do all of that.

It started when it was announced by the company on their Facebook Page that the first major campaign event after Hillary Clinton wrapped up the Democrat nomination was going to be a campaign stop at Team Wendy.


The responses back to Team Wendy by their military and law enforcement customers was immediate, visceral, and in many cases, intensely profane. In these communities, Clinton—who is currently under investigation by the FBI for dozens of apparent violations of espionage laws—is reviled as a person well-known for treating her Secret Service detail with contempt and open scorn, who lied about coming under fire in Bosnia, and …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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