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By Dan Zimmerman


By Salvatore DeGennaro

Another mass shooting, this time on foreign soil. Apparently this sort of thing does happen in other places, despite what our current President would have you believe. The beach attack that occurred in Tunisia, in which 38 people were killed, happened in a country with some of the strictest gun control on earth. However, gun control isn’t the issue here. There’s a trend that is consistent in the wake of all such attacks . . .

Several survivors from the beach that day, as interviewed by the mainstream media, expressed an entirely predictable theme that goes something like this: “I could not believe it was happening.” The lone survivor of the recent church massacre in Charleston, South Carolina also said approximately the same thing.

As a part-time instructor myself I do what I can to train citizens in the skills of self-defense with a firearm. I also do what I can to broach those ever-elusive principles of mindset with my students. I have found that getting most individuals to pursue serious firearms training is very difficult. I have also found that encouraging the appropriate mindset is even harder.

Human beings are certainly interesting creatures. We can convince ourselves …read more

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