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By Dean Weingarten

Thinking Bigly on Gun Owners, the Border, & President Trump's Art of the Deal


Thinking Bigly on Gun Owners, the Border, & President Trump’s Art of the Deal

Arizona -( – It was not long ago, that taking guns into Canada, a nation with vast areas of wilderness, was uncomplicated and straightforward for U.S. citizens. There were virtually no restrictions on rifles and shotguns.

The Canadian government required a simple seal on handguns to ensure they were not fired in Canada. If the seal were broken when the border was crossed going back into the United States, an explanation was in order. It had to be good. That changed in January of 2001.

As more and more restrictions on the ownership of firearms have been pushed by leftists on both sides of the border, crossing the border with firearms has become a legal minefield to trap the unwary. The nadir was reached when a U.S. citizen had to register any rifle or shotgun they brought into Canada, which included a $25 fee that was good for a few months. All long guns in Canada had to be registered.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was able to keep a campaign promise and remove the failed long gun registry. The $25 fee for crossing …Read the Rest

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