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By James England

GAINESVILLE, TEXAS — An electrician made a bone-headed decision to forget to lock up his truck at night. When he came out in the morning to see his truck’s compartments were open, he already knew what happened. He had been robbed.

According to the electrician in his interview with KXII 12, he had lost upwards of $20,000 worth of equipment right from outside his own home. He was devastated. When he went to take a drive to clear his head, he saw something peculiar, though — three men walking around with his tool bags.

It didn’t take long for a light to dawn in his head and he realized that these men, mere blocks from his own home, were likely the culprits. Probably feeling a mixture of emotions, he decided it was time to take matters into his own hands.

“I hit my brakes,” the concealed carrier recalled. “They fell right in line like they were guilty. I hit my reverse lights, and it just played out. I pulled in with my .45, and I got their attention.”

He then got out and kept them all in line. It seemed like the thieves pretty much surrendered without much protest. After all, this …Read the Rest

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