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By Mark Walters

Moms Demand Action Protest Georgia Constitutional Carry


Moms Demand Action Protest Georgia Constitutional Carry

USA – -( It’s that time of year we begin to see red at the statehouse. By orange, I mean red T-shirt clad, loud-mouth and woefully misinformed men and (mostly) women representing the gun-hating group of Moms Demand Action masquerading as a “gun safety” group (whatever that means to them?). Like you, I’m still searching for the “gun safety” class they teach or even an instructor, for that matter, who has taught a Moms Demand Action “gun safety” course. Note to self, there isn’t one, anywhere, so you might as well stop looking.

Nonetheless, when I say it’s that time of year, I am specifically referring to the screechers showing up at the statehouse to demand implementation of their version of “common sense,” “gun safety” measures. As usual, they were out in Georgia, right on cue, about 300 of them according to a Fox 5 Atlanta story (I have no reason to doubt it), on Wed, Feb. 19th doing what they do including holding signs, screeching, chanting and otherwise trying to intimidate lawmakers in a red state to change the gun laws to reflect their freedom-hating ways.

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