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By Bob Owens

Joseph Brandon Jr.,  and Jonathan Felix

Joseph Brandon Jr., and Jonathan Felix

Dylan Kindred

Dylan Kindred

We’ve held time and again that thug culture is the single most recognizable source of criminal violence in this nation, because this subculture both justifies and popularizes violence as an acceptable way to get ahead in life. It is echoed in thug culture music, movies, and in daily interactions where they view their fellow human beings as prey, and themselves as predators.

Gun control supporters attempting to reclassify themselves as opponents to “gun violence” (as if other forms of criminal violence are acceptable) keep attempting to skate around the thorny issue of thug culture, but thug culture has an ugly way of refusing to go away when ignored.

Two men involved in a rap group robbed and murdered a man in Florida on Wednesday so they could “flash cash” at a concert later that night, police said.

Joseph Brandon Jr., 18, and Jonathan Felix, 21, were charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Tyler Macklin, 21. The pair also faced armed robbery, armed burglary and conspiracy charges. A third man, 20-year-old Dylan Kindred, allegedly came up with the idea to target Macklin and was charged with conspiracy, police …Read the Rest

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