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By Bob Owens


Senate Democrats are pointlessly pushing for more gun control tonight in the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack in Orlando last Sunday, even though they knew the laws they want wouldn’t have made the least bit of difference. It’s cynical political grandstanding of the worst sort, as they seek to vote again on bills that have already been voted upon previously in order to push their own personal political agendas.

Put bluntly, it’s about their egos and political aspirations, not your protection.

There are steps that can be taken to protect you against an attack similar to what we saw in Orlando, but you won’t find them coming from President Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Democrats in the House and Senate. Sadly, you aren’t likely to see then from Donald Trump or the Republican House and Senate, either.

You’re going to need to go to your state legislatures to get laws passed that would actually give people a fighting chance in the event of another Islamic terror attack like we saw in Orlando, or the 2015 Islamic terror attacks in Paris, or the 2013 Islamic terror attacks on Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya, or the 2008 Islamic terror attacks in Mumbai, India.

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