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By Bob Owens


You know the broad strokes of the story all too well.

Stupid kids in a Cleveland suburb rip the orange tips off of their bb pistols to make them look more realistic, and then goes to the park to play with friends. The realistic gun is seen by a concerned citizen, who then calls the cops.

The boys are at the park picnic shelter.

The local police come flying up on the scene.

An officer jumps out the car, and yells at the boys to immediately put their hands up…

… and thankfully, they do so immediately.

These 12 and 15 year old brothers are arrested without incident and without bloodshed, and were charged with inducing panic.

The judge handling their case wants them to grasp just how perilous their behavior was, and is handing down an interesting preliminary sentence.

A judge ordered two boys arrested with BB guns in a Parma park to write essays about Tamir Rice and to perform community service.

Both boys, who were 12 and 15 at the time of the incident, admitted to a single misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct, and Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Linda Gaines Herman objected to their lawyers’ requests to dismiss the charges …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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