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By Chris Eger

Introduced last summer, the Springfield Armory Hellcat is billed as the” smallest highest-capacity 9mm in the world,” packing 11+1 rounds (13+1 with extended magazine) in a 3-inch-barreled micro pistol that weighs 18.3 ounces, empty. (Photo: Springfield Armory)
Springfield Armory’s new Hellcat  micro-compact 9mm pistol is apparently a beast, as one has surpassed the 20K mark in testing.
The Hellcat in question, serial AT234795, was pushed through the final 10,000 rounds by Paul Carlson, owner of Safety Solutions Academy, with the support of a team of four extra shooters, a pile of 124-grain American Eagle red box FMJ from Federal, and Action Target. The crazy thing is that said pallet of parabellum was cycled through the T&E Hellcat in a single 10-hour period, documented shot-by-shot at the Armory Life.
The process included rapidly firing the Hellcat for 250 rounds consecutively, then cooling it with an air compressor for five minutes between strings. During Carlson’s run, they lubed the gun every 500 rounds.
“The gun was field-stripped and I made sure to wipe the crud off of the breech face, rails, barrel, etc,” said Carlson. “I used Breakthrough Clean High Purity Oil to lube the rear of the rails, barrel, and barrel hood, and then gave


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