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By Jon Wayne Taylor


So far in 2015 there have been a total of four US military service personnel killed in Afghanistan and three killed in Iraq. On one day this year there were five US military service personnel killed by a terrorist inside the continental United States. That’s right, there were more killed here in the U.S. than in either of the two wars we are currently fighting. That’s easy, ugly, math. As a response, as reported by the Marine Corp Times our current administration is dealing with this threat by closing offices and telling recruiters not to wear uniforms . . .

You heard that right, our Marines have been told there is safety in hiding amongst the sheep. I don’t think we can get much farther from “The Few, the Proud” than that. And if that’s what the Marines have been asked to do, what’s happened to the Air Force recruiters? Do those folks have to put on a burkah before they head into the office now?

To much of America, the recent terrorist attack on service members at a Chattanooga recruiting station has led to a debate on whether or not all members of our armed forces should be …read more

Source:: Truth About Guns

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