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By Ammoland

Democratic Socialism Going Down the Drain in Venezuela

Opinion by Allen West

There Are No Coincidences in Socialism

USA – -( Here’s a simple question: why aren’t we hearing massive outcries from the Democrat Party against the slaughter of people in Venezuela?

The simple answer is because there are no coincidences with socialism. No matter who or where, it is all the same: wealth redistribution, nationalizing economic production (government control), expanding a welfare nanny-state of dependency, social justice equality, and secular humanism. It starts and ends the same, and we have yet another historical example in present-day Venezuela.

Yet we have the avowed socialist Bernie Sanders finding it difficult to condemn Maduro, yet people are donating money to Bernie Sanders to become president . . . candidates for our “Stuck on Stupid Saturday” recognition. We have the little Marxist princess, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claiming she is “da Boss.” We have Rep. Ilhan Omar accusing the United States of supporting an illegal coup in Venezuela.

As I have stated previously, socialist birds of a feather always flock together.

However, there is one aspect to all of this that no one is bringing to the forefront. As reported over at Townhall:

“The tension in Venezuela spilled …Read the Rest

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