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By Ammoland

Michelle Malkin

By Michelle Malkin

The hateful skanks of the The View
Michelle Malkin

Los Angeles, CA – -( It looks like those elitist harridans on ABC’s “The View” learned nothing from the national backlash over their mockery of nurse Kelley Johnson less than eight weeks ago.

Guess they’ve already forgotten how major advertisers Johnson & Johnson, Party City, McCormick spices, Snuggle, and Eggland’s Best all pulled spots from the show after co-host and lead Mean Girl Michelle Collins led a cacklefest ridiculing Johnson, Miss Colorado 2015, for a heartfelt monologue about her work during the Miss America pageant.

In a craven attempt at damage control, the daytime divas inflicted yet more damage by blaming nurses and their supporters who protested the plain insults for “misconstruing” their snotty remarks.

Co-host Joy Behar blithely confessed she “didn’t know what the hell I was talking about” when she poked fun of Johnson for wearing her stethoscope.

Liberal female TV stardom has its privileges.

Rather than be humbled and chastened, however, the know-nothing loudmouths have dug themselves another big, fat hole.

Last week on the iconic show created by a pioneering female journalist with an all female-cast to provide revolutionary TV programming for a female audience that …Read the Rest

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