Posted June 16, 2017 2:26 pm by Comments

By Chris Eger

With a high-profile shooting involving Republican lawmakers this week, the coffee gossip show went full speed ahead at the conversation on gun rights.
Host Whoopi Goldberg started the conversation speaking to the unrealistic nature that if those attending the event — a practice for a charity baseball game — had they been armed, would have been able to defend themselves.
“If you are playing softball, you are not wearing your gun,” said Goldberg. “So, what are you going to do?”
Answering Joy Behar’s point that the gunman may have been using an SKS semi-auto rifle that can fire “up to 40 rounds per minute” Goldberg chimed in with the assertion that “when it hit the ground, it kept firing — that’s what they do.”
The conversation turned to how the assailant was able to get his gun legally in Illinois with Joy Behar, a New York City resident, saying she would be afraid to live in an area with looser gun laws.
“I’d be afraid that some guy on the subway would have a fit, just go mad because he was upset somebody took his seat and shoot somebody else,” said Behar, without acknowledging that gun violence in and around the Big Apple’s subway network


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