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By Pamela Jablonski


The 4-H youth shooting sports program exists in every state but two, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Mandy Deveno, was going to change that – or so she thought. Mandy, a firearms instructor and 4-H volunteer decided to contact her local 4-H group and investigate their interest in starting a youth shooting sports program.

Her idea was well-received. She was scheduled to receive grant funding to cover all of the costs. However, once the host of the proposed program (the University of Massachusetts) was provided with the proposal, they declined to participate. According to UMass, they wanted to explore other avenues for a youth hunting program. This is an unfortunate situation, because the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, had agreed to financial support for the program once it was implemented.

Ed Blaguszewski, a spokesman for UMass Amherst, told MassLive:

Rather than focus limited resources on shooting sports only, the University is actively exploring development of a more broadly based program that includes instruction in hunting, fishing and conservation as part of our youth development activities. The hunting aspect of the program would include the basics of gun safety and the shooting sports.

According to the MassLive article, Deveno asked why they …Read the Rest

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