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By Erika Haas

The United Kingdom’s National Gun Surrender event is officially over, and the results from each county are slowly starting to trickle in.

During the two-week weapons amnesty, which ran from November 13th through the 26th, the North Yorkshire Police collected 228 weapons – some of which are loosely defined – and a few odd items.

Here’s the breakdown:

• Three handguns
• 51 shotguns
• 74 replica / imitation handguns / air pistols
• 34 air rifles
• Four rifles
• A replica Thompson submachine gun
• A replica AK47
• Two shotguns disguised as a walking stick
• One antique firearm
• One gun used in connection with animal slaughter
Other non-firearm weapons
• Eight ornamental swords
• 46 knives (including basic household knives, hunting knives, ceremonial daggers)
• One cross bow
• One bayonet
Other items handed in
• Four flares
• A fork

Yes, you read that right. Someone actually handed in an eating utensil.

So, forks, flares, cross bows, bayonets, swords and knives aside – none of which are illegal in the UK, or require a permit – the North Yorkshire police saw 172 firearms brought in. Take out replica and air guns and you’re really only left with 80 firearms. The results suddenly seem much less impressive.

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