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By Daniel Terrill

The Truth pistol — described as “the first gun that actually fights gun control” — comes packed in symbolism. Inscribed in the foam inserts that hold the handgun is an array of imagery representing historical moments that demonstrate how the gun is synonymous with freedom.
Kevin Dixie, owner of the Missouri-based NOC Firearms Training, explained he wanted to teach people about the dangers of gun control, which he argued is implemented as both a form of oppression against a racial or ethnic group and to impede their progress. “Gun control in its inception, at its roots, is deceiving. It’s full of deceit. And we can factually talk about that,” Dixie said. “But how do we do that in a way that exposes the lies of gun control? We do that by telling ‘the truth.’”
The Truth series comes in two forms: a full-size model and a compact one. Besides size and aesthetic differences, the imagery that surrounds them is also different. The smaller Truth c model comes with a backdrop of tracks meant to symbolize the Underground Railroad used to help slaves escape to free states before the Civil War. The larger Truth is paired with a reference to Tulsa’s Black Wall


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