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By Ammoland

Gun Control Obama Quote
The Truth Behind the Denying Firearms & Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act
Legally Armed America Inc.
Legally Armed America Inc.

USA – -( My name is Paul Glasco of Legally Armed America.

I am personally reaching out to each of you who have been referred to me by persons I trust in the industry to assist in what I consider to be an extremely urgent matter – the building of support for the “no-fly” bill, H.R. 1076


The worst part of this bill is that it removes a fundamental right of every United States citizen – due process.

The left has done a remarkable and sickening job of capitalizing on yet another American tragedy to force their anti-gun agenda. Personally, I think they have the momentum right now and I am very fearful they may win this time. But this is a fight we cannot afford to lose. For my industry friends, many of our livelihoods rely on us transferring and receiving firearms from manufacturers.

As pro-2nd Amendment advocates, we each could be put on this no-fly list for no legitimate reason or explanation, our own firearms could be removed from us, and we …Read the Rest

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