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By Robert Farago


I read dozens of articles about civilian disarmament every day. Not one of them uses the term “civilian disarmament.” Why would they? Any journalist who described gun control as what it is – civilian disarmament – would stand accused of pro-gun rights bias. (Heaven forfend.) The correct term of art is “gun control.” Well, it was. Thanks to the well-paid efforts of former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s spinmeisters and their mainstream media camp followers, journalists now report on “gun safety” legislation. This despite the obvious fact that . . .

American gun owners’ guns are safe; both safely stored and completely incapable of perpetrating “gun violence” on their own. (Yeah, I know, “gun violence.” As opposed to “knife violence” or “fist violence” or “vehicular violence.”) While the term “gun safety” hasn’t completely replaced “gun control” in the press, there’s not a Democrat politician in these here United States who talks about “gun control” anymore.

That’s because there’s political safety in talking about gun safety rather than gun control. Well, some. The chart above hails from a Washington Post article entitled Does the phrase ‘gun control’ hurt the push for new gun laws? The answer is yes. Yes it …Read the Rest

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