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By Ammoland

Gun Owners Fight Back
The Trashing of Conservative Gun Owners
Robert Deen
Robert Deen

USA – -( “Wrong does not cease to be wrong because the majority share in it.” ~ Leo Tolstoy

At the end of the movie “Falling Down”, Michael Douglas’ average Joe character remarks in puzzled shock, “I’m the bad guy?”

Gun owners must feel the same way.

I own guns. Other than a few traffic tickets, I’ve never had a brush with the law. I served in the Marines, held a job, went to church, raised a family, and hunted my whole life. Pretty much normal, as most gun owners are.

But today, if you listen to politicians and the news media, I’m the problem. Terrorists kill dozens of Americans at a nightclub, in the work place, on a military base? That’s on me. Gang members kill each other off by the hundreds in major cities? That’s because of selfish, brutish, unhinged gun owners like me. Mental cases kill other people or themselves – that’s my fault. Guns are the problem – not the terrorists, criminals and mental cases that abuse them.

I’m told that – as a gun owner — I’m responsible for the carnage.

How can that be?

Sadly, there’s …Read the Rest

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