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By AmmoLand Editor Duncan Johnson

Benchmade assists Oregon City Police in the destruction of firearms

by Eric Dorenbush – Green Eye Tactical

Benchmade assists Oregon City Police in the destruction of firearms

U.S.A.-( Earlier this week, a Facebook post by the Oregon City Police went viral and resulted in severe backlash to the knife company Benchmade.

Right up front, I want to restate, as I have in the past, that Green Eye Tactical trains RESPONSIBLE citizens. That is how I look at it. I don’t care if you are civilian, LE, Fed, Military, or whatever we will offer the same high-level training. I provide no training for LE or Mil that I would not offer to civilians.

I base my position in the issue on the Constitution and its original intent. Period. I’m not a “but”er. You either believe in the Constitution, as written, within the purpose and frame of when the founders wrote it, or you don’t.

I do have a high degree of respect for our Law Enforcement Officers. They do a completely thankless job where they are underpaid, underfunded, undermanned, undertrained and under-equipped. And it is OUR fault as taxpaying voters and citizens. However, you are volunteering for a job where you are enforcing laws and protecting rights- and all that entails.

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