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By Patriot Outdoor News

neon pike

What do you think causes the neon green color?

According to this story on, the pike in the photos below was caught just a few weeks ago in Great Slave Lake near Yellowknife by angler Randy Straker. And as you can see, that sucker’s glowing neon green from head to tail. Apparently, in all the year’s Straker has been fishing the lake, he’s never seen anything like it, and naturally, if you catch a fish that looks like something touched by the hand of the Toxic Avenger, you begin to worry. In early accounts of this story, an explanation for the glowing “jackfish” had not yet been found. The piece, however, came out a week after the catch, and features some interesting input from Jeff Goudreau, a fishing guide and wildlife technician that works with local fish and wildlife authorities. Goudreau claims that the fish’s coloration is perfectly natural, and that pike have the ability to tweak their coloration based on the enviroment. He says this fish was likley hunting around a reef with lots of bright-green algae. Many fish can adapt their coloration to the enviroment, at least to some degree, but a pike turning itself into a …read more

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