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By gunwriter Every time I travel I always come home to a stack of mail – mostly bills – and an assortment of packages. Often the packages contain ammunition; after all a gun writer cannot function without ammo. Sometimes the packages contain unsolicited junk and on a rare occasion there is a surprise inside. Such was this case Saturday morning when I started opening up boxes. Contained in one was a new knife from Southern Grind. I was introduced to Southern Grind about this time last year when a friend gave me a Bad Monkey during our Limpopo safari. I used that knife a lot during that excursion and have carried it almost daily since. My only complaint was that for every day carry it was a bit large. Well, this new knife from Southern Grind could be called a baby monkey; it’s not, it has an even better name. It’s sized just right for everyday carry. Closed it measures 4.0 inches and open it extends to 7.5 inches. It has a thumb stud on both sides of the blade and the trademark short and wide Southern Grind pocket clip positioned for right side, tip-up carry. The contoured carbon fiber scales feel …read more

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