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By Liz Darnell

The Art of Manliness presents The Sioux Guide, as penned by Charles Alexander Eastman. Eastman was born in 1858 and raised as “Ohiyesa” to be a hunter and warrior in the traditional ways of the Santee Sioux. When he was almost 16 years old, he left tribal life to learn the culture of European-American civilization and earn his undergraduate and medical degrees. Eastman became a doctor, a tireless advocate for the rights of his people, and a writer of many works in which he sought to share the true ways of the American Indian.

We previously shared Eastman’s insights on the Sioux ideal of manhood. Having laid that foundational overview, we will now offer a series of edited collections of Eastman’s writing on 3 specific subjects: situational awareness, physical and mental discipline, and spirituality.

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